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Project Development / Coal Plant Dismantle

Completed work on a Coal Plant Dismantle project where the site will be Converted to a combined cycle power generation facility with Natural Gas .  Project responsibility included Project Management, Copper Extraction, Asbestos Remediation. Work with Owner to select technology and EPC contractor evaluation, plant equipment selection for a total of 280MW

 Plant Dismantlement / Ft Lauderdale FL

Plant Dismantle project where the old Waste to Energy Plant site will be dismantled .  Project responsibility included Project Management, Dismantlement and removal of Reverse Osmosis System, Electrical Panel Extraction, Boiler and Water Treatment dismantled. Work with client to remove and load out all the assets for shipment to storage. 


Project Manager / Project Engineer,

Extensive experience for installation of simple and combined cycle power generation plants with Domestic and International Clients. Experience in power project responsibility to included plant permits, site selection, contractor evaluation and contract terms, plant equipment selection

  • EPC Stratigic Alliances
  • Geothermal Development
  • Combine Heat & Power (CHP)
  • LM 5000 to LM6000
  • Conversion experience
  • Estimating Services
  • ​SCR Installation
  • Technology Selection
  • Performance Based Contracts
  • ​Asset Evaluation / Relocation Services
  • ​Demolition Services
  • ​Remediation Services
  • ​Bulk Handling Equipment

 Project Engineering Services 

 Established field engineering and installation teams and alliances to facilitate required activities with plant  production equipment regarding positioning for crude tower, vessels, motors and pumps.  Reviewed engineering drawings/ P&ID’s, site evaluation, location of lay-down yard and storage  facilities. Established field schedules, selected sub-contractors, negotiated contracts


 Dismantled Refinery and Steam Turbine Plant in Panama, established and implemented  P&ID detail along with review of engineering drawings. Responsible for total  dismantlement activity in removal of all vessels and crude production equipment, steam  turbine. Responsible for the scheduling of work crews as per their assignments, worked  (2) shifts to meet shipping schedule for new location in TaqTaq, Iraq

 Deacero, Mexico: 

 Successfully dismantled W501D-5 plant facility, inspected and  established field services as to repair or replacement for module plant  components as required. Directed personnel as to repair options and  assignments. Established transportation services to move plant to  Deacero, Ramos Facility. W501D-5 was relocated to Ramos without  any damages to plant equipment on time and on budget.